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    8 products
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    About Sweetshop Cake Decorating Supplies

    Craftdirect now offers Sweetshop's cake decorating supplies, known for their excellent quality and variety. These supplies are perfect for professional bakers and home enthusiasts, providing everything you need to make beautiful and delicious cakes.

    Sweetshop's product line includes:

    • Gel Writer- These gel tubes with fine tips are perfect for writing or drawing on treats like cupcakes, cakes, and more. 
    • Sprinkles- Add a splash of color and texture to your desserts with our pre-mixed sprinkles that come in a variety to complement any handmade treat.
    • Fondant- This smooth and pliable fondant will help you create stunning cake designs.
    • Melting Candy- Perfect for adding colors and textures to cakes, cookies, and more. 
    • Cake Mix- Our baking mixes are designed to be both easy to prepare and delicious to devour.
    • Edible Shimmer Dust Pump- We offer gourmet shimmer dust pumps that add color to cakes, cookies, and more.
    • Decorating Tools

    Every product has the highest quality ingredients, ensuring your cakes look and taste amazing. Craftdirect's customer service is also unbeatable, making them a great choice for anyone who wants the best cake decorating supplies around.

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