About Us

CraftDirect began in 2006 as a company called CricutDirect. Founded by Lori Yardly, a passionate crafter and entrepreneur, she operated the company from her garage in Enterprise, Utah. Soon, her business took off! She quickly sold enough Cricut machines to buy direct from Provo Craft (the maker of Cricut).
To keep up with her growing business, Lori had to build sheds and purchase storage containers.
In 2010, she realized her business was outgrowing the space at her home. She struck a deal with her brothers at G.O. Green Enterprises in nearby Cedar City, UT to help warehouse her products and pick, pack and ship her orders. She also hired two key employees (also avid crafters) to help her build the company. One of them focused on building the brand and product lines, while the other focused on purchasing and inventory management. 
A couple of years later, CricutDirect acquired the brand CGull (a crafting bag and accessory company) from one of the original guys who helped get Cricut off the ground. 
In 2013 Lori decided it was time to shift her focus to her family of 8 kids and sold her company to her brothers at G.O. Green Enterprises. At this time G.O. Green rebranded CricutDirect to CraftDirect as we added so much more to our catalog.  As the years have passed, the company has added many new product lines from the leading Brands and Designers in the industry. CraftDirect has also added more employees to support the operations, sales and marketing of its products.    

In 2023, CraftDirect Celebrates Its 17th Birthday!

We sincerely acknowledge this achievement is only possible thanks to our creative, loyal customers and our awesome employees! Thank you so much! We consider you all to be part of the CraftDirect family.
- The CraftDirect Team