American Crafts Color Pour Supplies

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    59 products

    About American Crafts Color Pour Supplies

    Looking to create extraordinary art projects that really pop? Make art projects that stand out with American Crafts Color Pour. We carry everything from the entire collection. It includes:

    • Starter Kit- Create stunning and one-of-a-kind stone resin crafts. The kit includes a measuring cup, mixing sticks, sandpaper, and user-friendly instructions that make the process easy and enjoyable.
    • Tools- We offer a variety of tools to help you create unique and stunning art projects.
    • Paints- These paints are pre-mixed to the right consistency and eliminate the need for expensive mediums, giving you more time to unleash your creativity.
    • Glitter- This is a perfect way to add some sparkle to your DIY projects and make them shine.
    • Flakes- With the various types of flakes, you can add a unique touch of color and texture to any craft project.
    • Resin- We offer high-quality, self-leveling, and crystal-clear epoxy resin that can be used to create stunning artwork, jewelry, and home decor projects.

    It is a fun project for arts and crafts time and a great way to decorate the wall. No matter what you need, save on all Color Pour art supplies here at CraftDirect. You know it's quality crafting when it's American Crafts.

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