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    About Sizzix Die-Cutting Machines

    It's no secret that Sizzix machines are among the most popular on the market. Creating crafts with Sizzix can be a lot of fun and with the best die-cutting and embossing solutions, you can tackle any number of projects. At, we have a large selection of Sizzix die-cutting machine bundles so that you can get the best deal for your needs. Machine options include:

    • The Big Shot - die-cutting and embossing is easy with this line of machines. There are different options, like the original, the Big Shot Plus, Express, and Pro.
    • The Vagabond machine - check out our Tim Holtz edition Vagabond machine. It's an automatic cutter/embosser with a unique design.
    • eclips2 - this is the second generation electronic Sizzix machine by Sizzix. No need for cartridges!
    • Texture Boutique - this is an affordable die-cutting and embossing solution for the casual crafter.
    • Sizzix bundles - check out our exclusive Sizzix deals

    Die Cutting & Embossing

    Sizzix makes some of the best die-cutters/embossers in the business: the Big Shot, the Vagabond, BigKICK (which we don't normally carry - we just like the Big Shot better), and the Texture Boutique. As mentioned, there are various options for the Sizzix Big Shot, like the Pro and editions, which are huge! Their cutting/embossing machines can cut out amazing shapes and designs while adding beautiful texture to your projects.

    With these types of machines, you need Sizzix dies and Sizzix folders to operate them (or any dies and folders, really). One great thing about Sizzix die-cutting machines is they tend to be big. You always want to make sure your Sizzix machine is compatible with the components you buy. Dies are what allow you to cut out designs and folders allow you to add texture to your Sizzix material. All dies and folders require the use of cutting pads, and certain dies will require the use of special Sizzix accessories, like extended platforms, magnetic platforms, and adapters.

    Learn all about how to use the machines and accessories with booklets.

    Electronic Die Cutting

    The original eclips required the use of cartridges, but that is no longer the case with the eclips2. Each machine can cut out your favorite shapes and designs and even score paper. You will love all the amazing things you can create with your eclips Sizzix machine. Capabilities and features of both:

    • A perfect scoring tool that creates perfect folds every time 
    • Can cut vellum, cardstock, paper, and chipboard
    • It has a preview screen that shows you what you are cutting
    • Can auto-select speed and pressure when cutting material
    • Can hold pens for ink drawings
    • Works with eCAL Lite Software to make perfect cuts

    Buy Sizzix Machines Online

    Whether you are looking for the Big Shot or the eclips2, you will love the large selection of Sizzix machines you find here. If you want to discover all the amazing crafts you can create with Sizzix die-cutting machines, check out our site and find a Big Shot or eclips that is right for you.

    If you aren't convinced you need a Sizzix, check out our other brands and compare die-cutting machines

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