by Richelle Naeglefront view of Heidi Swapp Journal Studio Stripe Journal Kit

This year, I decided that I needed to keep a diary, but I've never been much of a journal person. Recently, we've brought in lots of cute travel journals, and that's kind of where my inspiration came from. I got a lot of travel journal ideas from just looking at the products. I think the hardest part of the whole process for getting started was deciding which journal I wanted to use. There are so many options to choose from, from great companies like Simple Stories, Heidi Swapp, Crate Paper, and Webster's Pages. I started by considering what is the functional difference between them? What makes one better than another? And what's the difference between a planner, a travelers journal, and Journal Studio?

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So, here is what I figured out. Planners have dated calendars. I have seen recently that some people use them to track memories. Instead of using it as a to-do list calendar they are using them as a done list. I think it's a super great idea, but wasn't quite what I was looking for. With regard to travel journals (also referred to as pocket travelers) vs. Journal Studio, I couldn't really find a difference. They are the same size, and the inserts are similar. In fact, they come with one that is blank and one with either lines or grids printed on them. The components are pretty interchangeable. So when choosing your planner and inserts, I suggest picking the ones that make you happy based on taste.

Most Popular Travel Journals

Here are some of our best sellers. They're hard to keep in stock, for good reason!

  • Soft Lila Suede Pocket Traveler by Webster's Pages
  • Buffalo Plaid Traveler by Webster's Pages
  • Carpe Diem Typewriter Floral Traveler's Notebook by Simple Stories
  • Journal Studio Rose Journal Kit by Crate Paper
  • Last, but not least (and featured in this blog post), the Journal Studio Stripe Journal Kit by Heidi Swapp

My Travel Journal Project

I decided to go with a Heidi Swapp design, the Stripe Journal Studio kit. I like the classic black and white stripes. Don't forget to grab some cute planner stickers to go with it. We also have plenty of washi tape, scrapbook pens, and more. Remember, these pages are kind of small, so little elements are typically better. Also, your random box of extra embellishments (we all have them) you have hanging out in your craft boxes are perfect for these planners. Without further ado, here is what my project looks like:

examples of completely decorated planner pages

My travel journal will serve as a mini scrapbook album for me. Once a week, I will write something and add a picture or two. I find that I often forget to take pictures, so this will also remind me to take more during the week. Essentially, I'm using it as a small scrapbook. Here are the first couple weeks of January, and yes I decorated the cover of the insert. I LOVE this quote! Hopefully this inspires you with your own travel journal ideas, so you can start recording your memories in fun, crafty ways. Don't forget to save on all of our cute planner accessories here at No matter what kind of discount day planner supplies you need, we have you covered.

Happy Creating