Craft Foil

About Craft Foil

If you haven't jumped on the craft foil train, it's time to climb aboard. This craft material is now taking the world by storm because of innovative tools and machines that make it so easy to harness the power of foil crafting. Be sure that your foil is compatible with your foiling machine or tool. It is so easy and convenient to create amazing foil designs.

How to Choose Your Foil

Choosing your foil sheets for crafting depends on the type of process. If you use the Heatwave system, then you will want to select their 4" x 6" foil. If you use the MINC system, then get their rolls of reactive foil (keep in mind that there are 2 sizes of machines and 2 sizes of rolls). Be sure you get the right craft foil for your project and be sure to save here with

Pro tip: You can mix and match supplies from iCraft DECO FOIL and MINC, but Heatwave is not compatible with either of those 2.

How to Use Foil Sheets for Crafting

There are many ways you can use the foil material and the more creative you are, the more fun you will have. Craft foil really does bring an amazing quality to paper projects. Here are the two main processes for adding foil:

  • Foil fusion - also referred to as hot foil stamping, foil fusion is the process by which foil is fused with toner to create a lasting finish. That means you can create your own designs with a toner printer or buy designs from the professionals. You sandwich your toner design with foil material within transfer folders, and pass them through your laminator machine.
  • Adhesive foil sheets - this type doesn't require a tool or machine to apply it to your project surface. We carry Cricut foil, and all you have to do is just cut the material into shapes and phrases using your preferred die cutter and then peel off the backing and apply the design to your project surface.

Here are some popular ways to use foil:

  • Scrapbooking - The possibilities are endless when it comes to scrapbooking with foil. You can use are large variety of colored sheets to add style and design to all your scrapbook pages.
  • Party Decorations - When it comes to decorating for a party there is no better party supply than a decoration made with foil. It can turn a totally drab party into something totally fab. You will love what our hot stamping foil can do for your party decorating needs.
  • Homemade Cards - When creating a homemade card you want to create something different that stands out above the rest. When you use foil to help create your cards it will give them a stunning glow unlike anything you have ever seen before.

We make it easy to create with the products we have to offer. Our craft foil material is just what you need to take your crafting to a whole new level. One last method for creating foiled designs that you should consider is the We R Foil Quill system.

Save on Hot Stamping Foil Online

When it comes to creating with foil we know how to get the job done right. The foil material you find here on our site is easy to use and makes creating crafts fun. If you want to experience crafts like never before, check out our large line of foil sheets for crafting! We have all the best materials of any online craft store.