Word & Number Dies

About Number, Word, and Alphabet Dies

Whether you need numbers or phrases for your project, CraftDirect.com offers a great selection of word dies, including handwritten phrases, block style fonts, whole alphabet dies, number dies, and much more. The great thing about alphabet dies is you can spell whatever you want, but the word dies give you a quick solution for adding an elegant touch to any kind of project. Be sure that your new die sets are compatible with your die-cutter and accessories.

How to Use Word Dies

Say you want to decorate a birthday-themed layout with just the right phrase, you need to:

  1. Select a word die or the right alphabet dies to spell out your phrase.
  2. Sandwich the die(s) with your cardstock in between two cutting pads.
  3. Run the sandwich through your machine. It usually takes more than one pass, so we recommend just running it through 2 or 3 times.
  4. Remove the die cut phrase from your cutting pads. Using tools makes this much easier.
  5. Decorate your layout with your precisely-cut phrase.

It's so easy! Though dies vary in composition, size, and function, most of them will cut a variety of materials and work with most machines. Scrapbook paper is the most common project material, but our dies will cut vellum, vinyl, fabric transfer paper, and all kinds of specialty craft material.

Save on Word & Number Dies Online

CraftDirect is a great place to buy word dies. No matter what kind of scrapbooking die you need, we have you covered. If you are in the market for a new die-cutter/embosser, we have the best prices on those too. Find a bundle that allows you to save while enjoying add-ons that will help you get stocked up for lots of fun projects. If you have any questions about these alphabet dies, please contact us.