Craft Dies

About Scrapbooking Dies

If you want to get the most out of your cutting/embossing projects, you need the best craft dies. We carry your favorite designers and quality brands at prices you can afford, so save at Use scrapbooking dies to make cards, create shapes and phrases for decorating your scrapbook, or you can even make photo frames.

Types of Craft Dies

There are all kinds of die-cutting dies and here at CraftDirect, we have divided them into groups based on the types of projects, as well as the themes of the designs.

Project Types:

  • Shapes dies - generally speaking, these types of craft dies are used to cut out shapes and designs that are used to decorate layouts, cards, and more.
  • Alphabet and number dies - these are pretty self-explanatory. Use them to cut out words and phrases to create customized messaging in your paper projects.
  • Flower dies - making paper flowers is hard, but with the right die sets, the process becomes a lot easier.
  • Card-making dies - these craft die sets give you all the pieces you need to create fun cards.
  • Tag and label dies - make tags for gifts and labels for organizational purposes.
  • Frame and banner dies - typically used in home decorating, these can also serve as scrapbooking dies for dressing up our layouts.
  • Specialty dies - we have specialty project dies, so browse around and see what's out there.
  • Border dies - these are ideal for decorating the edges of your projects.
  • Jewelry dies - as you can imagine, these are designed to cut leather for jewelry projects.

Project themes:

We primarily carry Sizzix and Cricut dies, which make it very convenient to create unique and beautiful shapes that will provide the perfect accent to your layout or other craft project. It doesn't matter whether you are into scrapbooking or other types of paper crafts, embossing and die cutting a necessary component.

How to Use Craft Dies

Any kind of die project will require an automatic or hand-cranked die-cutting/embossing machine to cut. All you have to do is make a sandwich out of your die, your cardstock or other material and two cutting pads. Press the sandwich by running it through your die-cutter.

Be sure that your machine is compatible in terms of size. Some die-cutting dies are huge in terms of length and or width, while others are wafer-thin and require extra accessories for a clean cut. If you have any questions about which products and accessories go together, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Buy Scrapbooking Dies Online

It's our goal to leave our customers smiling. The scrapbooking die sets you will find here will not only do that but so much more. As you scroll through, you will discover deals on craft dies that most craft enthusiast can only dream about. Make your dream a reality by finding some embossing die shapes for your craft supply closet. Here are some of the product lines we carry: