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    Mint Maker's Glue Gun - We R Memory Keepers*
    Mint Maker's Glue Gun - We R Memory Keepers*
    Mint Maker's Glue Gun - We R Memory Keepers*-Clearance
    We R Memory Keepers
    Cricut 12 x 12 Fabulous Cutting Mat bundle
    Fab Four Cutting Mats Bundle (12" x 12") - Cricut-Clearance
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    Cricut Maker Fabric 12 x 12 Cutting Mat
    FabricGrip Mat (12 x 12) - Cricut - Clearance
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    Lilac Heat Gun (EU Plug) - We R Memory Keepers
    Lilac Heat Gun (EU Plug) - We R Memory Keepers
    We R Memory Keepers
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    About Craft Cutting Mats

    Here, you will enjoy a great selection of different kinds of mats, the majority being cutting mats for crafts. This is the foundation for many projects. A fresh mat can be the difference between a perfect project and a disappointment. It's always good to have a few craft cutting mats on hand to scrapbook uninterrupted. CraftDirect offers you a variety of solutions here, but you are likely searching for self-healing cutting mats that are intended for use with your favorite craft machine.

    Types of Scrapbook Cutting Mats

    We have cutting mats that are compatible with Cricut machines, like the Explore Air 2. Alternatively, we also carry Silhouette America machines, like the world-famous CAMEO. These and all other electronic cutting machines require the use of fresh cutting mats to cut with precision. Browse through our excellent selection of discount options to find an option that is compatible with your machine. 

    Here, you will find several mats to choose from and some work across platforms. We carry the best brands, and they deliver bang for your buck. Save on:

    • CGull mats - these are the cheapest options, and you can use them for freehand cutting, or they make replacement craft cutting mats for your Cricut and Silhouette.
    • Cricut mats - there are lots of different options for your machine. StrongGrip, MediumGrip, and LightGrip, in different sizes.
    • Silhouette cutting mats - Silhouette makes regular cutting mats for their machine and then they have other interesting solutions, like PixScan mats.
    • Sizzix - not exactly "mats", Sizzix makes an emboss and transfer set. Sizzix also makes specialty mats for stamping projects.
    • We R Memory Keepers Mats - try the Tri-Fold Magnetic mat or the Laser Square & Mat system. We R has awesome solutions.

    Properly Caring for Craft Cutting Mats

    Having the proper tools for your project will make all the difference. The craft cutting mat can either make or break your project. If your mat is worn out and beaten down, your cuts will reflect that. Typically you can expect your self-healing cutting mat to last about 1,000 cuts. Here are just some ways you can lengthen the life of the mats you purchase:

    • Keep Them Out of Harm's Way - It is always a good idea to put your mats away when you are done with them. This will keep them safe from spilled liquids, children, and pets.
    • Never Store Your Mat Without a Proper Cover - When you purchase your mats from CraftDirect, most of them will come with a plastic cover over the sticky part. When you are done cutting with your mat, placing this cover back on them is very important. This will keep them from building up dust or other debris. 

    Here at CraftDirect, we want you to get the most out of our products. You will save in the long run by properly caring for cutting mats for crafts.

    Other Craft Mats

    We carry other types of mats, this page isn't all about cutting. Mats for crafts like stamping projects, like the Stamper's Secret Weapon, are a great solution for scrapbookers. The FUSE mat will help facilitate the process of making your own photo pockets. There are cutting pads for manual die-cutters. Check out the magnetic mat. Scroll around to find all that we have to offer here.

    Save on the Best Self-Healing Cutting Mats

    If you have questions about our self-healing craft cutting mats or need help deciding which is right for your machine, we would love to hear from you! Let our experts here at CraftDirect help you discover all the amazing things you can create!

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