Foil Quill

About We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill

This is a revolutionary new system for adding foil designs to your scrapbook layouts and card projects. Crafters are going nuts for the We R Memory Keepers Foil Quill system. It makes it so easy to add intricate foiled phrases, icons, and patterns to your cardstock material. All you need is an electronic craft machine, a Foil Quill pen, a USB design drive, and some Foil Quil foil. There are a few accessories that can make your projects better, but those are the essentials.

How Does Foil Quill Work?

The high-level explanation is that you can use your Cricut and Silhouette machines (and others) to fuse foil material to your cardstock by changing out the blade with one of these Foil Quil Pen Tips. If you buy one of the USB drives, you will have access to hundreds of designs, but you can use any SVG or PNG file with this process. Upon its release, We R Memory Keepers called on a few big name designers to create these Foil Quill USB drives, including Heidi Swapp, Amy Tangerine, and Paige Evans. We anticipate more designers throwing their hat in the ring.


We had lots of questions when we brought this product in, and there is no better way to answer this question than with information we got straight from the manufacturer. Here is our Q&A:

Q: Is the only way to get the adapters for the machine with the starter kit?

A: There actually isn't a starter kit, it's an All-In-One Kit. That does include the adaptors, but so do the individual pen sets. You can't buy a pen without also getting adaptors for all the machines.

Q: And the starter kit has all of them, is there a way to just buy the Cricut one?

A: No.

Q: Does the machine work with other foils? Such as Heidi Swapp or the Heat Wave foil?

A: It will work with Heat Wave foil, not with Heidi Swapp foil. Other foil on the market has not been tested, so I can't say.

Q: As for arrtwork? Can you only use the designs on the drives or can you also use any design that you can draw with your machine?

A: It works with any artwork, not just from our USB drives.

Q: Can you do multiple colors of foil on one project?

A: Yes, you just need to do multiple runs and change out the foil color. It's pretty easy to do and looks great.

Q: Do you know what format the images are in? Like JPG, GIF, etc.

A: Our drives offer SVG and PNG. I don't think JPG or GIF would work. But any file type that is supported by electronic machines will work.

Save on Foil Quill Supplies

If you have any trouble understanding this product or what you need to get going on foil projects, please don't hesitate to contact us. This innovative system will have you busy making amazing paper crafts, in no time. Foil Quill is such a unique way to decorate. We love We R Memory Keepers, and all brands by American Crafts.