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About Cricut Vinyl Rolls

If you know Cricut, then you know their reputation for quality Cricut vinyl paper. Make your vinyl into intricate designs using your Cricut machine. We have a large selection of colors so that you are sure to get the discount vinyl you need.

In the old days, Cricut Cuttables vinyl came in two sheets of 12" x 24" (and we still carry some old material). Nowadays it comes in one 12" x 48" roll, which is great news for people who want to make a long, banner-style decoration.. Check each individual product page to be sure of the dimensions. When it comes to Cricut materials, is an online leader, and when you browse through our selection of vinyl, this will be readily apparent. Get the perfect color for your home decorating project.

Vinyl is self-adhesive and it can be cut into your favorite quotes, letters, numbers, or shapes. Once the vinyl has been cut, you can then peel off the paper liner on the back and adhere it to your walls. The right Cricut tools, like scrapers, spatulas, etc., make all the difference when removing vinyl from your cutting mat. Pro tip: use a scraper to press the design onto your project surface.

Vinyl Cricut Projects

You can create so many great projects with your craft vinyl paper. Whether you are into scrapbooking, home decorating, or even card-making, vinyl can be used in everything.

Some of our favorite things to do with vinyl are projects around the home or office. You can put a favorite saying or quote in the entryway of your house. Put a name or letter on a wooden block and hang it on the wall, or create word blocks out of wood with your favorite word or saying. The possibilities are endless for creative crafters.

Buy Cheap Vinyl for Cricut Projects Online

We make it our goal here at CraftDirect to bring our customers the very best craft products on the internet. If you are looking for affordable Cricut vinyl rolls, you have come to the right place. If you want to check out other brands of vinyl, we have plenty of options. Consider CGull as an alternative.

Cricut Vinyl Projects