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One of the great things about Cricut cartridges is they make amazing designs so easy and convenient to create. Cricut supplies have been blowing customers away for a decade with amazing images, fonts, and projects. At, we have a huge selection of Cricut cartridges on sale. Whether you are looking for the latest release or a hard-to-find classic, there is a good chance we have it at a great price. Browse through our entire library right here or check out our category types:

Cricut cartridges will help you get the most out of your Cricut machine, thus they are essential to your collection of craft supplies. We have options for those who love to scrapbook, make greeting cards, and create home decoration projects. As you scroll through our amazing Cricut cartridges, you will find just what you need for your next project.

Pro tip: if you are using an older model, like the Expression, then for newer cartridges you will need the Universal Overlay. If you have one of the nifty, new Explore Air 2 machines, then you won't need the overlay.

New Cartridge Releases always has a great supply of discount deals on the latest from the Cricut cartridges collection. You won't want to miss our deals every time a new one is released. Some of the latest included in their line of new releases:

A cartridge is a simple device, which is inserted into your Cricut machine so you can choose designs for your machine to cut. Without a Cricut cartridge your machine is useless. The more designs you have access to, the more you can do with your machine, thus the more cartridges, the merrier the crafter. We offer the best prices on a large inventory, which makes it easy to stock up on all the various products you need at a great discount price.

Types of Cricut Cartridges

About the various cartridge types:

  • Font - Whether it's a card you are making for a friend or a sign you are putting together, this option can help you get the job one. With all the different letters and numbers to choose from you can have a different type of font for every day of the month.
  • Imagine - The Imagine is great because you do not have to go out and buy a different color of paper for each image you want cut out. The imagine cartridge will simply print out the color pattern you choose on a white paper and then cut it out. This should definitely be a must on your Cricut cartridge list.
  • Project - Whether you are planning a party, or creating a shirt, our project cartridges can be a lot of fun. Many individuals love our Cricut Brooklyn Iron-On, which cuts out images to iron on shirts. Our Cricut cartridge Home for the Holidays is also a favorite, it has lots of fun holiday crafts to cut out and make.
  • Shapes - There are thousands of different shapes to choose from for whatever project you are working on.
  • Solutions - The Cricut Solutions makes decorating and celebrating the different holidays throughout the year much easier. Each cartridge contains simple shapes to help you celebrate your favorite holidays. These particular cartridges are referred to as "simple" because they usually have only one or two cuts to choose from and are usually rather inexpensive.

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At CraftDirect, we make it our goal to bring you the very best cartridge options on the internet today. Whether you are looking for a Cricut cartridge clearance, great cutouts for your next party, or even fun new fonts for the cards you are making, you will find everything you need right here. Let us help you find everything you need on your Cricut cartridge list today. And if you need convenient storage and totes for your cartridges, we carry a wide variety of discount options.

We have tons and tons of articles about how to use various cartridges, specifically the classic ones you know and love. See our Cricut blog for inspiration or shop around our craft store online.

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