Scissors & Trimmers

About Craft Scissors and Trimmers

No matter what kind of projects you like to do, you need a good pair of craft scissors. Dull craft tools can actually ruin a project. And if you need cuts that are precisely straight, try our craft paper trimmers. They will help you to line up the cut perfectly and in quick fashion. We carry all the best brands for cutting tools, so shop around and find the solution that best fits your needs. If you have trouble finding the best scrapbook scissors for your needs, we'd love to hear from you so please contact us.

How to Use Craft Paper Trimmers

The process is very simple, you can probably figure it out just by looking at the trimmers, but here you go:

  1. Insert your material into the trimmer. Your trimmer may have some sort of grid on it or maybe even a ruler that can help you to make precise measurements. Use the grid to line up your paper.
  2. The blade runs along a rod (typically). Slide the blade up or down the rod to cut a straight line on your material.
  3. If you have a trimmer that also scores, use the scoring blade to create the fold where you want it, by running it across the edge of the clear piece that overlays your paper.

Choosing the Best Craft Scissors

There are different types of craft scissors, depending on the type of scrapbook paper project. If you are working on a tiny craft with little corners, a small pair of scrapbook scissors would work much better than a large one. However, if you are working on a project where you need a large straight line cut, a paper trimmer would be a much better option than a pair of scissors.

If you find yourself doing many different types of crafts, it's important to keep the various scissors and craft paper trimmers on hand for all the projects you are working on. Having the best tool for each project will make the process easier.

Buy Scrapbook Scissors Online

As you've come to expect from CraftDirect, we carry only reputable brands and that is true of our craft scissors. With brands like American Crafts, We R Memory Keepers, and CGull, it's no wonder we are an industry leader in paper crafting.