Scrapbook Page Protectors

About Plastic Photo Sleeves & Page Protectors

Get the best deals on scrapbook page protectors at You need protective solutions for your scrapbooking projects and that means you need to store your layouts and photographs in acid-free, plastic photo sleeves and page protectors. You can even make your own photo pockets, including waterfall sleeves, with the FUSE system.

Scrapbook page protectors will decrease the risk of deterioration. Over the years, your photos can become faded and even discolored. Mitigate this risk with archival quality materials.

Types of Page Protectors

Typically, photo sheets and page protectors will measure 8.5" x 11" or 12" x 12" to match standard-sized scrapbook albums. However, with the inception of instagram, smaller albums have become popular so now you can also find 4" x 4", 6" x 6", and 8" x 8". Photo sleeves are generally top loading, making it easy to slide in your scrapbook page in.

Plastic Photo Sleeves

This is a great option if you just want to use your album to store photos and you are not interested in making layouts. Fill the photo pockets with journaling cards, your personal photographs, as well as embellishments you create.

Whole Page Protectors

Ideal for scrapbookers, these are designed to slide over your entire layout design so you can protect and preserve it. An easy solution for making great layouts is the use of scrapbook page kits.

Buy Scrapbook Page Protectors Online

Regardless of what type or size of scrapbook you are making, there is a large variety of photo sheet protectors on the market. Choose from some of the best brands in the business and enjoy wonderful projects when you shop with