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  1. Travel Album w/ Notebook Set - Graphic 45
    Travel Album w/ Notebook Set - Graphic 45
    Regular Price: $13.49 Special Price: $10.12
  2. 6" x 8" Album
    Say Cheese 4 6" x 8" Album - Simple Stories
    Regular Price: $19.95 Pre-Order Special Price: $14.99 Pre-Order
  3. Simple Stories Merry & Bright SN@P! Binder
    Merry & Bright 6" x 8" SNAP! Holiday Binder - Simple Stories
    Regular Price: $19.95 Special Price: $14.99
    Out of stock
  4. Flag postbound scrapbook album
    Flag Designer Print Postbound Album 12 x 12 - Pioneer - Clearance
    Regular Price: $16.95 Special Price: $8.50
  5. Red snapsest leatherette scrapbook album
    Red Snapload Sewn Leatherette 12 x 12 - Pioneer - Clearance
    Regular Price: $16.95 Special Price: $8.50
  6. 12 x 12 world map design scrapbook album
    Map Designer Print Postbound Album 12 x 12 - Pioneer - Clearance
    Regular Price: $16.95 Special Price: $8.50
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About Scrapbook Albums

Your scrapbook albums provide a beautiful finishing touch for your memories and so you owe it to yourself to craft with only the best scrapbooking supplies. You can preserve your family history in creative fashion because at CraftDirect, we carry photo-safe solutions from quality brands.

Types of Scrapbook Photo Albums

Scrapbook albums come in a variety of different cover options - surfaced fabric, leather, and other fine materials with different colors and designs. Depending on what type of album you are making, such as for a new baby, a themed album may help complete your project.

When looking to purchase a scrapbook photo album there are few things you will definitely want to look for. You should ensure they are lignin and acid free. Lignin is a compound that is often in paper products that are known for breaking down the acidic components and can yellow your paper, and age your scrapbook pages quicker. If you are just getting started you will need to stock up, and we carry everything, including page protectors, cardstock, and embellishments.

Three-Ring Binders:

Maybe more commonly referred to as D-ring, these binders are one of the most popular styles. A couple of the biggest advantages of a three-ring album is its capacity. You can typically add a lot of pages! The amount will vary depending on the size of the ring. Ringed binders also allow your pages to lay flat when you are looking though them.

A drawback of using this type of album is the amount of space that separates the pages when the binder lays flat. We have also found that over time the clamps of most three ring binders separate allowing pages to slip out. For the most part our design team prefers to use the ring binders.

Post Bound Scrapbooking Albums:

These albums are held together with metal posts, which are screwed together. You can unfasten the posts whenever you need to add, remove, or rearrange pages. This process is a bit more tedious then a three ring binder, and makings switching pages inconvenient. These 12" x 12" albums can be enlarged by using expansion posts, but in general they don’t have the same capacity as the three ring binders. These post bound albums are loved by scrapbookers because like a book they give your scrapbook album the finished look. They also allow two-page spreads to lay right next to each other.

Snapload Albums:

This new Snapload technology can be found in some of our Pioneer photo albums. This solution allows you to store tons of pages and quickly load, remove, and rearrange them. You can even convert post bound albums into snapload albums!

Buy Discount Scrapbook Albums Online

If you are buying scrapbook photo albums, there really isn't much that you can do wrong. The only thing we would caution you to avoid is "over-stuffing" your album. Albums should be stored upright on a shelf like a library book would be. This will help protect the binding, and the pages inside so they can be enjoyed for years to come!

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