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    45 products
    Multi-Use Paper Tray - We R Memory Keepers
    Multi-Use Paper Tray - We R Memory Keepers
    Multi-Use Paper Tray - We R Memory Keepers
    We R Memory Keepers
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    About Scrapbooking Totes & Organizers

    If you don't know why you need craft totes and scrapbooking storage solutions, then you are probably new to crafting. You must stay organized or your projects will take so much more time. Time wasted. Keeping your scrapbooking supplies organized is difficult without the right craft storage options, and travel can be inconvenient without an awesome bag. 

    Getting Organized with CraftDirect

    You can use totes to organize your craft supplies in many great ways. It doesn't matter whether you are into scrapbooking, card making, or both, craft tote bags and organizers are the perfect way to go. Here are some great ways you can use the totes and organizers to get your craft supplies organized.

    • Cards - When making homemade cards, you can use organizers with sections to store your already-made cards in. You can group together all your similar card themes and place them together in a section of the organizer; that way, when you need a card for that theme, it can be easily found. You can also store all your supplies, cutouts, and cardstock paper in totes so that when you need a simple tool to create a card, it can be easily found.
    • Scrapbooking - If you are like most scrapbookers, you have a lot of paper. Nothing is more frustrating than when you know you have a particular paper, but you can't find it because everything is so unorganized. When you use scrapbooking totes to store your paper in, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for the moment you need it. It keeps your paper looking nice and can easily be stored in a closet, shelf, or craft storage room.
    • Home Decorating - Making homemade decorations can be a lot of fun, but if you have to search around the house every time you need a button, embellishment or glue stick, it takes the fun out of it. When you use craft totes, you can easily organize all your craft products and label them so they can be found right away. That way, when you are working on creating a new decoration, you can just pull out your tote-labeled decorating supplies and be on your way.

    Buy Discount Craft Totes Online

    It doesn't matter whether you love to scrapbook, decorate your home or create crafts, the totes you will find here at CraftDirect are designed to help you get organized and find your craft supplies and projects the moment you need them. Don't go another day searching all over your house for a glue stick, get organized with craft totes and organizers.

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