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    84 products

    About Fabric Transfer Paper

    Also commonly referred to as heat transfer vinyl, if you are looking to get your hands on fabric transfer paper, you have come to the right place. At CraftDirect, we have a large discount selection of only the best scrapbook materials, and it's no exception here. We have bright colors, glitter, metallic, and even pastels. You can make the fabric into customized works of art.

    How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl

    We have a much more detailed tutorial if you want to read this how to use Cricut Iron-on, or just read this simple overview here. The process is really simple with a die-cutting machine. There are manual die-cutters, but an electronic option is really the way to go. There are three basic steps to this kind of fabric project:

    • Cut your design - your machine works for you; just select the preferred design and cut it out of your fabric transfer paper.
    • Transfer your cut - remove the material from your cutting mat and place it wherever you desire on your fabric. Pro tip: you should use hand tools to ensure precision.
    • Apply heat - with an iron and an ironing board, apply heat over the design. This triggers the bonding between the material and your fabric. If you can get a clean press on it using our high-quality material, your t-shirt design will last through many washes. Keep in mind it won't last forever. Most customers don't mind this because they make a shirt for a special occasion. For example, a child's shirt that says "Birthday Boy".

    You can use this process to decorate handbags, pillowcases, t-shirts, and more.

    What Should I Know about Brands?

    As mentioned, the quality is what really matters, and you don't have to worry about that here. We carry name brands for heat transfer vinyl at great prices, so you will definitely be happy with our choices: 

    • Cricut Iron-on - We have glitter iron-on, iron-on lite, and other Cricut heat transfer paper options. Your young kids will love all the sparkles the Cricut glitter Iron-on offers. There are a ton of colors to choose from.
    • Silhouette Heat Transfer - There are many styles (flocked and smooth, for example) and colors of quality Silhouette America-made heat transfer rolls to choose from.

    Buy Heat Transfer Paper Online

    We even have specialty heat transfer products, like a starter kit, printable heat transfer, and more. Be sure to be careful with your hot iron around little ones. Projects can become distracting and kids are accident-prone! Be sure to get all your discount fabric transfer paper online with CraftDirect.com.

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