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    About Craft Tape

    Washi is a type of craft tape, and it is one of the hottest embellishments available to crafters because it is so easy to use and it delivers fun results. Here you can save on washi paper tape, and have you tried washi sheets? Craft tape is so well beloved because of the ease with which it enhances your scrapbooking projects and allows you to create quick borders.

    What Is Washi Tape?

    Many novice crafters ask the question, what is washi tape? Washi originated in Japan. It is traditionally made using natural fibers from the bark of the gampi tree and other trees that are native to Japan. The best way to describe Washi tape is it's a decorative masking tape. While this trendy craft tape is made out of paper, it has the durability of masking tape. It's easily applied to just about anything you can imagine and peels off without leaving a residue.

    Washi comes in a large variety of colors, patterns, and widths with people of all ages wanting to collect it and use it for any number of craft projects. Craft tape is functional as well as pretty, making it a wonderful solution. You can enhance any ordinary, mundane project with washi paper tape.

    Where to Buy Washi Tape

    You can likely find washi at your local craft store, but this is the place to be if you are looking for where to buy washi tape online. CraftDirect.com has brands you know and love, like

    So, we have a large assortment of craft tape, whether you are looking to dress up your scrapbook page or go all out and add some fun color and a new design to your greeting cards. Once you get your hands on some washi, it will be easy to see all the fuss. 

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