Specialty Craft Material

About Our Specialty Material

For unique projects, you need specialty craft material that will deliver incredible results. We have all kinds of material for craft making, and that includes magnet paper (create custom magnets for your fridge), cork, poster board, sticker paper (make your very own stickers), acetate, window cling, and much more! Take advantage of the creative potential you get with the best, discount material found anywhere online.

Types of Specialty Craft Material

  • Cork - This is the perfect material to use when you want to use decorative pins, or to turn any of the spaces where you spend your time into a functional space! With the use of cork board, you can create a place for sticking notes for your family, friends, etc.
  • Acetate - This material gives you amazing designs that are see-through so that you can place them over your projects that you have already made or to give a new project that extra flare and character you are looking for!
  • Washi Tape Sheets - The wonderful thing about Washi Sheets is that they can be cut into different designs, words, etc. and then applied to your different projects! Just create what you want, cut it, and peel off the backing and stick it to your craft!
  • Sticker Paper - It seems to be a rare thing these days when you can find the stickers or labels that you want to celebrate the good times (birthday parties, weddings, etc.) or to get yourself and your things organized. When you create your own labels with clear sticker paper that can be adhered to many different types of materials! With your creativity and organizational skills, the possibilities are endless!
  • Window Cling - removable material is ideal for decorating glass. Make decals for your car or post your office hours in your window.
  • And so much more!

No matter what custom project you need to do, get the specialty craft material that you want and need for a great price - when you shop with us!

Save on Specialty Material for Crafting

Here at CraftDirect.com we strive to bring you the latest and greatest craft materials so you can make your custom projects stand out - sometimes very literally! For example, you can save on new products such as sticker paper that actually glows in the dark - making your crafts fun and even helping you to keep track of your personal items when the lights go out! Or make your next project very distinct when you use metal sheets designed for stippling or etching. Create home decor that will impress anyone who sees it - especially when you tell them that you made it yourself!