Specialty Craft Machines

About Our Specialty Craft Machines

Here we have a nice selection of specialty craft machines that perform a variety of odd jobs. Leave it to crafters to come up with innovative and unique solutions for making wonderful projects. The potential for great designs is unlimited just as long as you have the right machine. Take advantage of the best prices on the web for your favorite brands.

Some of these machines are great for custom-designing your own photo sleeves (the FUSE). Some machines here are great for making stamps, like the Mint. Try the typewriters for an old-fashioned look and feel on your projects. The Curio (we no longer carry the machines, but have Curio supplies) is a multi-purpose platform made by Silhouette America and it can cut, emboss, stipple, etch, and more. Unleash whole new potential in your projects with our specialty craft machines.