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Making cards, layouts, and home decor without the best craft machines is like sewing without a sewing machine. There are four main types of crafting machine that we carry here at

Types of Craft Machines

There are many different machines and they all perform somewhat unique functions. Some machines are designed to fuse foil, some emboss, and some just cut beautiful images, shapes, and fonts. There are even scrapbooking machines that integrate with computers (wirelessly), but if you don't like technology there are machines that you can operate the good old fashioned way. The type of paper craft project and how technologically savvy you are should determine the best craft machine for you.

Electronic Craft Cutting Machines

Craft cutting machines are perfect for crafters who do a lot of scrapbooking, home decorating, card-making, etc. In some cases, you can both write and draw with these scrapbooking machines, as well as crease your paper. Keep in mind they can cut all kinds of material, including leather, cardstock, vellum, vinyl, and the list goes on. We have a large selection of electronic die cutting machines to choose from:

Traditional Die Cut & Emboss Machines

Cut and emboss using these more traditional craft machines. To cut, you use dies and cutting pads and you make a sandwich with your material and die, and then you run it through your machine. You follow the same process with embossing folder (in place of the die) in order to emboss your material. We carry the:

Foil Machines

This is the latest and greatest addition to our lineup of craft machines. Nothing can achieve a professional look quite like a foiled embellishing touch can bring to your project. Foil fusion is taking over card-making and scrapbooking and you have to try one of these options:

Specialty Craft Machines

These specialty items come and go, so check back frequently for fun and awesome solutions for unique crafting. Over the years we've had stamp-making machines, screen-printing machines, typewriters, multi-purpose machines, and more.

Buy Scrapbooking Machines Online

We are here to help you find the best scrapbooking machine to fit your personality and needs. As you scroll through our site, you can read about the many different machines we have to offer. Each machine has a unique ability and it i so important to find the one that is right for you. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with the many choices, we are here to assist you with any questions you may have. Let us help you find your new craft machine.

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