Tag & Label Dies

About Label & Tag Dies

If you are the type of paper crafter that loves to stay organized, then you need to check out our tag dies and label dies. Although tags are typically used to identify gifts, it's also a creative way to stay organized. Labels have wider application for organizational purposes and we have lots of choices! Using tag dies will allow you to make detailed projects to match the theme of the occasion. You will want to verify that your die-cutter is compatible with your new die sets, but it's almost a certainty that they will be a match.

How to Use Dies for Tag Making

Say you want to create a gift tag for a Christmas present, you need to:

  1. Select a tag die. If it's a layered tag design, then you will probably have more than one die to work with.
  2. Sandwich the die and your paper within two cutting pads.
  3. Pass the sandwich through your die-cutter/embosser. You will probably find that it takes more than one time through for precise cutting.
  4. Remove the die cut piece from your cutting pads. We always recommend the use of hand tools to make it an easier process.
  5. If it is a layered tag, you are going to need some glue.

It's so fun to use dies for tag making. Most of our tag die sets will cut many different materials, but it's more than likely you will just be using them with scrapbook paper.

Save on Label & Tag Dies Online

These tag dies, just like any die, will require that you use a cutter/embosser. If you aren't sure what all you need to make your projects work, please contact us and our experts can help you out.