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About Jewelry Dies

Leather projects are made easy with the right jewelry dies, and this collection of Jill MacKay designs are ideal for cutting cowhide and lambskin craft leather sheets by Sizzix, or faux leather from Cricut (and probably any other kind of leather jewelry material you might have). Cut out shapes for bracelets, necklaces, etc. in layers and then bind them with decorative findings. You will want to make sure you have all the right accessories so that your project is as precise and swift as possible.

How to Use Jewelry Dies

Say you want to make a bracelet, to create the leather elements, you need to:

  1. Select your die(s).
  2. Sandwich the dies and your leather within two cutting pads.
  3. Run this sandwich through your preferred die-cutter (in certain cases, you probably need a Shuttle or a Base Tray, or something that closes the gap on the wafer-thin dies). You should expect it to take more than one pass to make a precise cut.
  4. Remove the die cut pieces from the cutting pads.
  5. Combine the leather cut pieces with your fasteners and other findings to complete the jewelry project.

It's so fun to use jewelry dies. We carry a variety of options for leather. It's all quality and it's all on sale, so find the colors you like and add to cart.

Buy Discount Jewelry-Making Dies

Jewelry dies by Jill MacKay are somewhat unique in that they require specific accessories. Just like all craft dies, you will need to use a cutting/embossing machine. They typically operate manually but there are automatic machines.

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