Frame & Banner Dies

About Frame & Banner Dies

Make creative photo frames and decorative banners using our awesome selection of frame and banner dies. Change out the material and embellishments for unique results every time using the same die set. Photo frame dies are a great way to add extra detail to a scrapbook layout or you can use them to decorate your fridge. Banner dies can be used to decorate your home, office, for parties, and more! Verify that your new dies are compatible with your die-cutter.

How to Use Dies for Banner Making

Say you want to create a banner for your fridge, you need to:

  1. Select a set of banner dies.
  2. Sandwich the dies and your paper inside two cutting pads.
  3. Run this sandwich through your machine. You will probably need to pass it through more than once.
  4. Remove the die cut pieces from your cutting pads. You should probably use hand tools for this.
  5. If it is a layered banner, you are going to need some glue and obviously you will need thread.

It's so fun to use frame dies and banner die sets. It's pretty likely that the material you use will be cardstock paper, and we have plenty of that.

Buy Discount Banner & Frame Dies

These frame and banner-making dies, just like any other craft die, will require the use of a cutter/embosser to complete the process. Save big no matter what supplies you need to make these projects happen. If you have any questions, please contact us!