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About Card Making Dies

If you are the type of paper crafter that loves to make cards, then you will love our selection of card making dies. We have options for a variety of occasions, whether you want to say get well soon, express thanks, wish a loved one happy birthday, or send season's greetings. The best dies will allow your projects to have intricate detail while simultaneously streamlining the process for easy and fast results, and that's exactly what you get with our name brands. Be sure that your die-cutter is big enough for your new card die sets.

How to Use Dies for Card Making

Say you want to create a paper card for a birthday, you need to:

  1. Select a card die set.
  2. Sandwich the card making dies and your paper within two cutting pads.
  3. Pass it all through your die-cutter. You will find it usually takes more than one pass.
  4. Remove all the die cut pieces from your cutting pads. Using hand tools makes this a much easier process.
  5. Put your card together. The more intricate the design, the more time it will take to assemble. You are going to need some glue.

It's easy to use dies for card making. Most dies will cut a variety of materials, like patterned cardstock paper, vellum, and more.

Pro tip: did you know that Sizzix Thinlits dies can be used to stencil and emboss? Those are a great way to add extra detail on top of your cuts. Check out the Drop-ins for lots of fun variety for card decorating solutions.

Types of Cards

There are lots of different styles you can create using our fancy dies for card making. Here are some of the different directions you can take your project:

  • Standard folding cards - most cards fold in half. However, you can make it open horizontally or vertically.
  • Tri-fold cards - these are the cards that look sort of like an accordion when they are opened.
  • Gatefold cards - this style has two panels that open towards you, sort of like a saloon door.
  • Flip-its - this is a type of card making die set made by Sizzix and the finished product has dynamic, moving parts. Check them out!
  • Step-ups - another creation from Sizzix, these are super popular because of their unique "steps".
  • Stand-ups - Sizzix has made cards that stand up in interesting ways.
  • And more!

Buy Card Making Dies Online

These intricate card projects, just like any craft die project, will require you to use a die-cutting/embossing machine to cut your cardstock paper. You can buy everything you need right here from CraftDirect. If you still aren't sure how to use dies for card making or how the products all work together, please contact us.

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