4 x 6 Unfinished Picture Frames

About 4" x 6" Unfinished Picture Frames

The most common photo size is 4" by 6" inches. This should make finding the perfect picture frame easy. Sometimes that is not always the case and you shouldn’t have to settle with a boring picture frame. If a little personality is needed to help enhance your memories then an unfinished picture frame is perfect for you

Customize your own designs and let your creative juices flow with your next crafting project. It's always fun to customize your own home decor.

DIY picture frames offer a variety of unfinished picture frames in the 4" x 6" size that can be customize with your design to best fit your personality and individual needs.

4" x 6" Frame Designs

Craftdirect.com offers DIY picture frame in the 4 x 6 size in many different cuts. Inside dimensions measuring 4" x 6" these frames can be used either vertically or horizontally. Some of the cuts include Bear, Powell, Pearl, Graham, Darling, Utopia and Victoria. Each of these cuts offers a unique outer border design that ensures you are getting the custom look that you are looking for. All of the unfinished frames are made of wood and can be decorated in a plethora of ways.

They can be painted or stained and many crafting embellishments can be added to optimize your creativity. To complete your framing project and ensure that your photo is protected within its frame, Craftdirect.com also offers acrylic glass in the perfect 4 x 6 size so that you can get everything you need with one stop shopping.

Buy 4" x 6" DIY Picture Frames at CraftDirect

Shopping with Craftdirect.com for your 4" by 6" unfinished picture frame needs is the best option for you simply because we have the best selection for you. Our frames options come in such a wide variety of options that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. With the click of a button you can also purchase the right size glass and simply wait for it to arrive at your door.