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  1. Silhouette 6 pieces tool set
    6 Piece Tool Kit - Silhouette
    Regular Price: $19.99 Special Price: $11.99
  2. Silhouette CAMEO Bundle - Extra Blade & Cutting Mat
    CAMEO 3 Bundle - Extra Blade, Cutting Mat - Silhouette
    Regular Price: $299.99 Special Price: $249.95
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About Our Exclusive Silhouette Bundles

Chances are you love Silhouette America products, and in an effort to keep you happy, we bring you the best in exclusive Silhouette bundles. Try the latest machines with excellent offerings. As you must already know, Silhouette has a reputation for making incredible die-cutting machines (like the CAMEO and the Portrait), as well as materials and accessories that offer application for various types of craft projects. brings you hard-to-beat Silhouette bundle deals, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Bundle Options

Our most popular bundles include machines, but we get creative and offer a variety. With the help of Silhouette machines, your crafting projects will become easier and more fun to do! Here's a brief overview of what's available, so you can choose the machine, and therefore, the right bundle for you.

  • Portrait: This is a compact die-cutter. This portable cutting machine utilizes a USB cable plugs into your personal computer-just like a printer! Using cardstock, paper, vinyl, and other material, it uses a small blade to cut 8 inches wide and up to 10 feet long!
  • CAMEO: This is Silhouette's large die-cutter. Similar to the Portrait, the CAMEO plugs into your computer using a USB cable. It can cut all sorts of material but can do up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long! It also features a full-color LCD touch screen to guide you through the steps you need to take to start cutting!
  • Curio (New in 2015): The Curio takes craft cutting machines to the next level! With it, you can cut, emboss, etch, sketch, stipple, and more! With its dual cartridge, the Curio lets you complete two tasks at the same time! You can mix and match to get your projects done! With its 5 mm clearance, you can etch wood, leather, and other material that wouldn't be possible with other machines! Cut deeper, use thicker material, and more with the Curio machine!
  • Mint (New in 2015): With the Mint machine, you can design your own custom stamps or use designs that come with its software! Use it to make cards, invitations, or to spice up your scrapbook! With the included software, you can use images, your own photos, and any text that you have on your computer! In addition, with the many different colors of ink, you can make multi-colored stamps! Just apply the ink and stamp up to 50 times before applying only a few more drops to get going again!

About Silhouette America

Silhouette America was founded in October 2009 producing electronic cutting tools. They continue to revolutionize the crafting world with their many other machines that help you customize and create your own crafting materials to make invitations, cards, custom t-shirts/other apparel, embellishments for scrapbooking, and much, much more! On their blog ( they have many creative ideas to help get you started on your project! With the help of Silhouette America products, your DIY projects are made easier and more customizable! The company's tagline is "The creative possibilities are endless with the Silhouette!" and anyone who has used their products know this is true!

Buy Discount Silhouette Bundles

Here at, we have many custom bundles to help you get the most out of your Silhouette America machines! From the machines themselves to useful tools, you'll find it all in our large selection of Silhouette bundles! Machine bundles can include tools, gift cards for extra downloads (of designs, text, etc.), and sketch pens to make your projects stand out! Take all your crafting projects to the next level using these Silhouette America bundles! Bundles from save you money by combining Silhouette machines with useful tools that are usually sold separately-meaning that they will cost you more money when purchased separately.

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