About Typecast Typewriters

If you miss old-fashioned typewriters and would like to incorporate that technology in your crafts, then We R Memory Keepers has the solution for you. Check out our Typecast typewriters and the delightful accessories the collection includes. The machines look amazing, some customers buy them just for home decor, but they are so much fun to craft with. You will love the results when you combine the Typecast typewriter with the delightful accessories from the same We R Memory Keepers Typecast collection.

typecast typewriter on display in a study

Typecast Typewriter Supplies

If you have any trouble finding what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We carry:

  • Typewriters - there are 3 different colors to choose from, with mint being the most popular.
  • Ribbon - the ink ribbon is what makes the machine work and you can get various colors.
  • Paper - you can use the paper for any type of project, but it looks great with the projects from this collection.
  • Tags - make your own tags!

Save on We R Memory Keepers Typecast

One great thing about the Typecast typewriters is that they are so stylish. They offer a retro look with updated detail, which is so trendy right now. When you are done crafting with it, you will want to leave it out on display as part of your interior design. it will look great on top of a desk in your study or your home office. This is just another example of We R Memory Keepers leading the way with paper craft solutions.

Video: Typecast Tutorial