Sweetheart Inkers

About Sweetheart Inkers

If you are new to the crafting world or looking to branch out into a different area of crafting, then Sweetheart Inkers from We R Memory Keepers are a fun way to go. Save here with CraftDirect while supplies last.

With a name that comes from their fun heart shaped case, these ink products are dyes that are intended for distressing. If you don't already know, distressing is becoming increasingly popular and these inkers are a must have. With the right tools and accessories, you can make the most amazing crafts, and it's no exception with these inkers.

The Sweetheart Inkers have been designed to make use very easy and efficient. Their unique shape not only is a cute and fun heart shape but it is also a practical way to distress any paper craft. The broad top makes it easy to cover a large area in a small amount of time while the small point allows you to get into tight areas with ease. The soft rubber grip handles can be held in many different ways to allow you to distress in the most comfortable position for you.

Their snap on lid provides a quick and easy way to use the product as well as keep the product from drying out. The ink pad itself is made of a high quality foam that will allow you to work with paper without being easily damaged. The inkers are sold in 10 different colors that allow you to create any look you are going for and will show up easily on any color paper.

Are you looking for way to distress some black cardstock? The white Sweetheart inker shows up very well on black paper. These inkers are also a fast drying ink so you do not have to worry about smearing wet ink and making a mess.

Distressing Tools

The sweetheart shaped tool also comes in a distressing tool, making it easy to distress any paper. This tool also has the unique heart shaped design but instead of and ink foam is has sand paper. This sandpaper can be used for distressing surfaces such as wood, and paper and come with the same easy grip handle. Should you need to replace the sand paper, no worries, there is replacement papers sold for the tool making it worth your investment.

What Is Distressing?

It has been said that these famous sweetheart inkers are used for distressing, but what is distressing. Distressing is the art of making something look older, more run down or weathered. So if your creation involves an antique look of some sort, these ink pads are perfect for you.

Buy We R Memory Keepers Sweetheart Inkers

Our sweetheart inkers are sure to win your heart over with their easy to use products. They can also provide you with a great way to make a weathered background for a fun black and white picture. Though they have been designed to distressed, these inkers can also be used for stamping which makes them multipurpose.

These inker are a great addition to you collection of craft inks.