Sew Stampers

About We R Memory Keepers Sew Stampers

Just like with the Sew Easy, your favorite craft manufacturer, We R Memory Keepers, has come out with another great tool that allows you to add the beautiful stitched look to any project without even threading a needle!

This great tool is called the Sew Stamper. The Sew Stamper tool uses the same handle as the Sew Easy tool, as a matter of fact - you can use the same handle for both the Sew Easy and the Sew Stamper. One of the differences between the Sew Easy and the Sew Stamper tool is that with the sew stamper you don't have to thread any floss! You just simple roll your image onto your paper and you have a fun stitched look without any of the work.

How to Use the Sew Stamper Tool

  • Each of the Sew Stamper head has a sliding cover that keeps the stamper from drying out. When you slide the cover back it snaps into place, this helps so that it won't get in your way when you are stamping.
  • Using very gentle pressure, you want to quickly roll the design onto the paper. Doing it quickly prevents the ink from pooling in one spot and making the design look heavy in spots.
  • Snap the head back into place, to prevent your ink from drying out.

There are various stamping heads that are currently available - the double line comes with the stamping tool and the following heads are optional - the hem stitch, cross stamper, burst stamper, dash stamper, zig zag stitch, scallop stamper, and blanket stamper. As well as some doodle stampers such as - xoxo doodles, music doodles, star doodles, flower doodles, and circle doodles. Instead of having just lines these heads are little doodles such as hearts or flowers that work the same way - just roll on some fun doodles!

Tips for the Best Results

  • Practice on a scrap paper to get the feel before using it on your project
  • Keep the head level to avoid getting ink on the side of your image
  • Firmly grip the handle with your pointer finger extended the length of the barrel, and quickly roll the head down the length of your paper
  • Use gentle pressure
  • Make sure to keep the head covered when not in use, so your ink doesn't dry out
  • The sky is the limit and you are only confined to your own imagination

Buy the Sew Stamper Tools at CraftDirect

To get a beautiful stitched look without the work or having to pull out the old sewing machine, consider trying the sew stamper tool! This tool is the perfect solution to get the sewn look, without any of the sew work. For now, these sew stampers only come with black ink and are good for over 1,000 impressions.