We R Sew

About We R Memory Keepers Sew

We carry three great tools from We R Memory Keepers that will allow you to decorate your paper projects with floss and ribbon for fun stitching in your cards and layouts, without the use of a complicated sewing machine!

Another benefit to these tools is that you won't have to try to cut a straight line for stitching so you can weave some ribbon through your design. We carry a large number of tools from We R because they are amazing. These tools are designed to make your card-making, layout, and home decorating projects look professional, without being complicated or needing expensive equipment in order to do so.

Sew Easy:

Do you like the look of sewing on your paper crafts? Then this tool was made for you! From We-R-Memory Keepers and Sew Easy tool is a light weight tool that will make adding stitching to your projects easy, with no need to get out your sewing machine! This easy to use rotary stitch piercer creates perfectly aligned holes in over 25 designs and unique patterns. Although each head only has one patter, you can stitch them differently to create many different designs. Then using Sew Easy needles and your favorite Sew Easy floss colors you can create a custom sewn look on any of your paper crafting projects.

Sew Ribbon:

Sew Ribbon is based off the same concept as the Sew Easy product, the only difference is the Sew Ribbon will create a wider hole so that you can sew ribbon into your projects. Now crafters can make beautiful designs with their ribbon! Crafters have been using ribbon for years to embellish their projects by simply adding loose ribbon to the front of your project. Now you cannot only apply ribbon to the project, and instead of doing simple lines and bows, you can make interesting designs like: shoelace, flower, weave, zig-zag and even scallops to your paper craft project! This great product line by We-R-Memory Keepers also includes ribbon packs in various colors and textures and extra needles.

The Sew Ribbon tools are easy and quick to use. Simply by placing your Sew Ribbon tool on your paper and using the included tool to poke the holes in all of the slots, which creates a pattern that you use your needle to sew your ribbon though.

Sew Stampers:

If you are the crafter who loves the sewn look but doesn't like to sew, even an easy sew, you can use this great new tool from We-R-Memory Keepers! The Sew Stamper is the easiest of the sew tools. Sew stamping is perfect for adding the continuous sew stamping look to any of your projects. Sew Stampers are a self-inking rubber rolling stamps. These rolling stamps have 7 interchangeable heads that are currently available: straight, cross, zig-zag, scallop, burst, blanket, and hem. You can easily roll your sewn look onto any paper! The Sew Stamper looks like the sew easy tool and comes pre-loaded with ink, so all you have to do is drag your stamper through your project to create your stamped sewn look onto any of your crafting projects!