Lucky 8 & Mini Punches

About Lucky 8 & Mini 8 Punches

Check out the incredible Lucky 8 punches from We R Memory Keepers. With this innovative tool collection, in as little as 8 punches you can make a complete border and corner design from an ordinary 12" x 12" sheet of cardstock. Find out for yourself why crafters love We R punches.

Give your project intricate detail in seconds with this easy-to-use tool. It's also pretty affordable, especially when you consider what you would pay a paper company to print an order of invitations with this level of detail. It's easy to see why this is among their most popular We R Memory Keepers tools.

We R Memory Keepers combined a corner/border punch and a paper punch into one tool to create the Lucky 8 Punch. If you are looking to punch smaller dimensions, be sure to check out the Mini 8 Punches. They work the same but are designed for smaller projects.

What Is a Lucky 8 Punch?

In January of 2012 there was a lot of buzz about the Lucky 8 border punches. This great new scrapbooking tool had made it easy to make both an outside (edge) cuts as well as an (inside) detail cut. Offering the most flexibility you can easily punch the edge, just the interior detail, or both at the same time. The Lucky 8 Punch is not a light weight or small tool. It measures 8 inches wide by 8 inches long by 4 tall, and weighs approximately 2 pounds. There are currently twelve Lucky 8 punches on the market you can easily cut unique designs.

While you don’t have to punch all eight times even just cutting the 4 outside cuts you have a decorative shaped paper, that will be sure to stand out in any scrapbook. These punches were not only designed to allow the user to cut decorative unique sheets of paper but to simplify your scrapbooking, by allowing you to create corners and borders instantly.

Can I Use This As a Border Punch?

Using the Lucky 8 Border punch, for only the boarder is easy. You will only need to complete 4 punches, one on each of the four corners you and quickly have a nice border around your paper. Or only using the inside punch you can punch 4 times and keeping your paper square but adding in some decorative detail in the center of your sheet. This gives you a nice decorative border on the inside of your sheet.


  • 12 Great Designs
  • Corner and Border punch combined into one easy to use punch
  • Easy to use
  • Stackable making storage easier
  • Perfect for 12 x 12 sheets but can be used with other size sheets
  • Corner guides for no-guess punching
  • Multiple punching options in one tool - outer cut, inner cut or combined

Tips and Tricks:

  • If your punch starts sticking a little punch through wax paper this lubricates your punch
  • if your punch starts seeming a little dull, punch through some aluminum foil this will help sharpen the cutting blades.
  • If your paper starts getting "stuck" in the punch, try putting in the freezer before using.

Buy Lucky 8 Punches Online

If you are looking to add some unique detail to your scrapbooking layouts these Punches are a must for any scrapbook room. Take advantage of great prices on amazing accessories. A Mini 8 punch is just like a Lucky 8 punch, just smaller. Save on all brands of craft punches.