Happy Jig

About the We R Memory Keepers Happy Jig

Your favorite designers at We R Memory Keepers have released a new, creative system for bending wire into decorative shapes and phrases, and it's called the Happy Jig. It is essentially a grid pegboard that you use to create the designs. There are different types of pegs, and their placement determines how you will bend the wire. All you need is the Happy Jig tool (comes with pegs and wire cutters) and some Happy Jig wire.

Upon its initial release (late winter 2018), the collection only included the tool and the different options for colored wire. In late spring 2018, the plan is to add Baker's Twine wire, as well as colored wire value packs. Keep in mind that We R Memory Keepers doesn't always release products when they say they will.

Big Happy Jig

Early winter 2019 product update: We R Memory Keepers has responded to customer suggestions and released a new Big Happy Jig with a larger platform that will allow you to make huge wire bending projects! They also released neon wire, which requires batteries to give off its eye-catching glow. We're not sure of this, but we're fairly certain that you can only use the neon wire with the Big Happy Jig tool.

Save on Happy Jig Supplies

If you have any trouble locating the product you need, we have you covered, just hit us up on chat, via email, or call us (the old fashioned way)! Happy Jig is such a fun way to decorate. We love We R Memory Keepers, and if you are looking for any other company from the American Crafts family of brands, we have lots to offer.