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Whether you need an Evolution machine, folders, letterpress kits or other accessories, CraftDirect.com offers big discounts on We R Memory Keepers cut/emboss supplies.

It's hard to beat deals like this. The elegant 3D embossing folders are amazing in their ability to create intricate designs in all your card-making and home decorating projects. So browse around here to shop some of the best from We R Memory Keepers, and if you have been looking for a great deal on the Evolution Advanced, then search no further. We have all the tools and accessories you need to get you on the right track with your paper crafting projects.

Evolution Machines

As you probably already know, CraftDirect.com is an online leader in We R Memory Keepers supply. Save on the hottest, new item in paper embossing, the Evolution Advanced system.

It's all the rage right now in the scrapbooking community, and we carry a variety of options and accessories when it comes to the We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced collection. Whether you need a platform, magnetic mats, or a replacement motor, we have it all at great low prices. As a leader in creative solutions for your scrapbooking,

Evolution Advanced

If you are looking for a product that will give your craft projects that edge they've been missing then the Evolution Advanced machine found here at CraftDirect is for you. It doesn't matter whether you need to die cut, emboss or letterpress a project, this unique machine can do it all. All of it's amazing functions make it easy to create crafts in absolutely no time at all. Here are just some of the great features you will find in the machines found here on our site.

Cut and Emboss Various Materials-Believe it or not, the Evolution Advanced machine can cut or emboss a large variety of products. These machines can cut and emboss paper, fabric, chipboard, cork, metal, magnet and so much more, creating endless possibilities. There are so many great ways you can use these machines.

  • Easy to Transport - If you are looking for a machine that is easy to transport around your house or even to craft parties, this great machine is lightweight and easy to transport. You won't have to worry about putting your back out just to move it to another room in the house.
  • Hold in Place Suction Cups - Have you ever used a die cutting or embossing machine before that moves all around as you use it? The Evolution Advanced machine comes with suction cups that will hold the machine in place while it's getting the job done. This added safety feature keeps you and your machine safe while you are using it.

We R Cutting & Embossing Supplies at CraftDirect

When it comes to embossing we don't mess around. Here at CraftDirect our We R Memory Keepers embossing products are just what you need to bring some extra sizzle back into your projects. Our state of the art machines and supplies are sure to leave every craft enthusiast smiling when they are done with us. It doesn't matter whether you like to scrapbook or create home decor, our We R Memory Keepers embossing products are perfect for you. As you scroll through our site you will find everything you need to not only get the job done, but get the job done right. Here are just some of the embossing products you will discover.

  • Evolution Advanced - Our We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced machine says it all in its name. Not only is it "advanced", but it's paving the way for embossing machines everywhere. This unique machine is just what you need for all your embossing needs.
  • Mats - When it comes to cutting mats you want a product that you can count on. A cutting mat can seriously make or break a project. You know when you buy We R Memory Keepers cutting mats you are going to get a product that you can count on. Here on our site we have a large selection of mats to choose from.
  • Letterpress Plates - When it comes to embossing Letterpress plates are a must. Here on our site you will discover stunning, elegant plates that will compliment any craft project you are creating.

Save on We R Memory Keepers Evolution Machines

Here at CraftDirect we make it our goal to help our customers create crafts as easy as possible. Our We R Memory Keepers embossing products are taking the world by storm and shaping the way individuals use crafts everywhere. Check out our site today to discover all the amazing things We R embossing products can do for you.

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