About We R Memory Keepers Cinch

We R Memory Keepers has done it again, with their Cinch bindery tool, which enables you to make binding booklets easy and simple to do at home. Scrapbookers around the world are trading in their old systems for the cinch binding tool.

With wide practical applications, beyond crafting (for example, at the office), you will certainly find this tool very useful.

As always, We R tools are sure to bring you only the best and most affordable products for your binding needs. and you can find their products at discount prices right here at Shop around and save big on paper crafting supply.

What Is the Cinch Binding Tool?

The Cinch is the best binding tool on the market for your home, office, church, or school. We R Memory keepers Cinch machine you can easily making recipe books, albums, presentations, calendars, and many more in the comfort of your own home or office. The rubber cushioned handle makes it comfortable and easy to punch perfectly round holes in up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. If you are trying to make a custom size booklet the Cinch bindery tool makes it easy by allowing you to customize your whole spacing regardless of the length or thickness of your book.

If you are new to the Cinch binding tool, do not be alarmed, this product is easy enough for anyone to use. You will be able to bind your project by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Punch holes
  2. Thread sheets
  3. Apply Cinch wire

We R Memory Keepers Cinch Accessories:

Along with the cinch machine you will need a few other basic products to get your projects going.

  • 12 x 12 Cinch Book Board Chipboard: These durable Book Boards will help give your project a neat, professional look. At 2mm thick, it will help protect your project. They can be trimmed down if necessary for custom projects.
  • Cinch Wire Clipper: Trim your wire bindings or bend and clip your spiral binding with this special designed wire clipper.
  • Pink Cinch Carry Bag Pink: This custom designed Bag makes it much easier to carry and store your Cinch Binding tool and other Cinch products. It can also be used to carry other items including your laptop, scrapbooking supplies, or any other uses you can find for it when not carrying your Cinch Binding Tool.
  • Cinch Adjustment Bar for V1: Allows you to now cinch wires that are smaller than 3/4"
  • Cinch Book Binding Wire: These wires range from .325" to 1.25" wide and are each 12 inches long. To find out the size of wire use a ruler to measure the height of your project and then round up to the nearest wire size. It's always better to have them a little bigger then to small. If you are finding that your projects won't lay flat or they are hard to open the general cause is that your binding is too tight, and you will want to use a larger size.

Buy Discount Cinch Tools and Accessories

The We R Memory Cinch book binding tool is the perfect solution for those who want to be able to bind their own scrapbooks, recipe books or other paper projects that you would want to have in a bound book.