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About iCraft DECO FOIL

Add beautiful foil to your project with the use of a laminator machine, an iron, or special adhesives from this iCraft DECO FOIL collection. There are dozens of foil colors and patterns to choose from, and a variety of solutions for application.

One of the great advantages to foil projects with iCraft is that you don't have to have a machine to make the magic happen. That is one great solution, if you prefer it and have that option, but with the various DECO FOIL adhesives, you have other choices for bonding your foil transfer material to your project.

How Does It Work?

If you use their 12" Laminator machine or an iron, then typically your design will come from a printed design, or something you photocopied. The foil transfer material will adhere to the black parts of the design. You can also cut toner sheets into shapes, phrases, etc. The most exciting element is that you can use some of the DECO FOIL adhesives to create designs that can complete your project without a machine.

Here are some of the helpful accessories in the collection:

  • Toner sheets - regular and PeelNStick
  • Hot Melt adhesive - cut out your design and apply heat to the material, the adhesive, and your project surface. It's washable on fabric projects!
  • White Foam adhesive - no heat necessary
  • Adhesive pen - whatever design you draw will adhere to your foil material
  • Liquid adhesive - this bottle allows you to apply freely with the nozzle top
  • Spray adhesive - apply it like spray paint - use stencils for precise projects
  • And more!

DECO FOIL Transfer Sheets

Another advantage to using the DECO FOIL system is that they offer so many colors. CraftDirect is starting off by carrying 17 different options, which of course will change in the future, so scroll down to see what's available. We offer other brands for foil crafting solutions, so shop and compare.