Making Memories Slice

About Making Memories Slice

You will love our selection of Slice accessories. With design cards, storage solutions, replacement blades, and more, we have all the Making Memories Slice supplies you need. It's a fast and easy way to cut out your favorite shapes without much hassle at all. Enjoy our unbeatable prices and our large selection of Slice products. At, our selection of Slice Design cards and accessories is in limited supply, so you had better act fast and get your hands on these products while they are available.

Why Choose the Making Memories Slice?

The Making Memories Slice is small and compact. It's easy to carry around, and bring to all your scrapbooking parties and also very easy to use. You will love all the creations you can design with the Slice Designs Cards, the options are unlimited. A Making Memories Slice is seriously a must have in your craft closet.

At CraftDirect you know you are getting the very best products available to you. We enjoy crafting, and love bringing our customers products that they can count on. Here are some of the amazing Slice scrapbooking products you will find here

Slice Design Cards

On our site you will find a large selection of Slice Design Cards which can be use with the Slice Elite and other Slice products. Each design card comes with a large selection of shapes and designs you can create for any project you are working on. You will love our design card "Tie the Knot" which is made for weddings, and our "Great Outdoors" card to document all your outdoor adventures. These design cards are small, easy to store, and easy to organize. Each card gives you many options to choose from.

Slice Elite Hand Bag

If you own a Slice, you will love the handbag we have to offer. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it's a favorite amongst crafters everywhere. It makes storing your Slice Elite & Design Cards simple, and easy to transport around. If you own a Slice this hand bag is a definite must.

Slice Pink Replacement Blades

Replacement blades are very important to keep on hand when you own a Making Memories Slice. The replacement blades you will find on our site come in a pack of 5 and also come with a replacement tool. These blades are great quality, and will last on your Slice Elite for a long period of time.

Buy Making Memories Slice Accessories Online

If you are looking to find great accessories to go along with your Making Memories Slice you have come to the right place. At Craft Direct, we have every type of product you could ever need to make your scrapbooking and card making so much easier. Check out our products to find the Slice accessories of your dreams.

We don't have any Slice machines to sell, but we have plenty of other die-cutting machines.