SN@P! Card Sets

About Simple Stories SN@P!

If you haven't used SN@P! packs before, they work just like any journaling card and they are a great way to decorate your scrapbook. With Simple Stories, you can save time by using the SN@P! collection in your projects, while adding fun detail.

If you are an experienced scrapbooker, then you know how easy it is to decorate and improve layouts with stickers. Their themes will match the design of your pages and memories in meaningful ways. Whether you are looking for some pre cut designs for your baby girl or some stickers for the entire family scrapbook, you will love the large selection you will find of Simple Stories Snap sets here at

Scrapbooking with SN@P! Cards

Scrapbooking with Simple Stories is a lot of fun. Many individuals love how easy their products are to put together. When you use their unique SN@P! sets for your scrapbooking you can actually find the design you want and slip it into your pre designed Insta pockets without any cutting, gluing or writing. It's as easy as that. With how easy the Snap sets are to use it's no wonder why crafters everywhere are using Simple Stories for all their scrapbooking needs.

Sometimes our lives get so busy that it's hard to make time for scrapbooking and it gets pushed aside. This is why the Simple Stories brand was created. It was created to make scrapbooking not only easier, but more fun as well. All of Simple Stories products have been put together with the customer in mind. Their SN@P! sets, the Simple Stories scrapbook paper and albums make it easy to scrapbook life's most important events in absolutely no time at all. If you want to bring the fun back into scrapbooking you will absolutely love the Simple Stories line that you will find here.

Buying Insta Pockets?

Some pocket sheets only come horizontal and some only come vertical, which makes it really hard to store all your memories in one book. However, Simple Stories Insta pockets come in many different shapes and sizes. That way you can store every picture you have in your scrapbook no matter what shape or size it is.

Telling Your Stories with Insta Pockets

It is so easy to tell your stories with the Insta pockets that you will find here. Whether you are looking for a 2" x 2", 3" x 4", 3" x 3", 4" x 6", 4" x 4" or absolutely anything else you will find the shape and size of pocket sheet that you need to fit your pictures here at CraftDirect. Our Insta pockets make it easy to slip your favorite pictures, scrapbook Simple Stories paper and SN@P! card sets into your scrapbooking album in absolutely no time at all.

Buy Discount Simple Stories SN@P! Cards

It doesn't matter what type of scrapbooking you are doing, our Simple Stories Snap sets are sure to meet your needs. Not only will you love the quality of our products but you will love the designs as well. If you are looking for something to get you out of your scrapbooking rut and scrapbooking your life's most important events, our line of Simple Stories is just the thing for you. Check out our site to discover all the amazing stories you can tell with Simple Stories scrapbooking supplies.

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