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About Carpe Diem Planner Supplies

Order an amazing planner solution online with and save big. Simple Stories makes it easy to plan out your daily life with Carpe Diem planners. Shop and save big online with the craft supply leaders. Organizing your daily activities has never been so much fun. Be aware that some planners come with lots of supplies to get you started (called Boxed Sets) and that explains the big price difference between those and the planner only options. If you have any questions about Simple Stories Carpe Diem, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Personal Planners vs A5 Planners

As you look through all these Carpe Diem supplies, keep in mind there are accessories, like washi tape, that can be used with any planner. But there are inserts and tablets that are made specifically for either Personal Planners which measure approximately 4" x 6.75", or A5 Planners which measure about 5.8" x 8.3".

For the record, there are also Spiral Planners, which are a pre-designed solution, meaning you can't customize it with inserts, just the stickers. There is also the Travelers Notebook, which a traveling journal with unique solutions for keeping your diary creative.

Types of Carpe Diem Products

Some of the accessories and embellishments in this product line include:

  • Planners - they come in a variety of colors and designs, and you can buy your Carpe Diem planner alone or you can get some as a boxed set.
  • Stickers - there are icons, phrases, numbers, and all kinds of label stickers.
  • Inserts - there are pocket inserts as well as daily, weekly, and monthly page inserts.
  • Dividers - this is a great way to decorate your planners and you can segment the contents for organizational convenience.
  • Embellishments - brads, die cut shapes, journaling cards, washi, and more.
  • Clips and page markers - these are great solutions for holding the important places in your planner.
  • And that is not all.

products from the simple stories carpe diem planner collection

Carpe Diem 2017

Simple Stories released 4 different collections in 2017, which is twice as many as we carried in 2016 (years later, these popular supplies are still rolling in):

  • New Carpe Diem - this collection is all purpose and includes lots of useful solutions.
  • Beautiful - as the name suggests, these planner supplies are lovely!
  • Bliss - this collection includes vibrant colors and fun embellishments.
  • Bloom - crafters love flowers and that's what you get with this collection.
  • Say Cheese 3 - this one is for the shutterbugs out there.
  • Emoji Love - this has a more fun and youthful bend to it, and so it's very popular.
  • Home/Domestic Bliss - this may be the most practical of the new collections. anybody will find it fitting for their personality and needs.

Buy Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planner Supplies

If you have trouble staying organized and love crafts, this is a great way to motivate yourself. That's why so many scrapbookers love Simple Stories Carpe Diem planners. At, we encourage you to compare Carpe Diem to other brands of cute planners.

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