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Picking out a scrapbook binder is just as important as the scrapbook pages themselves. Simple Stories makes it easy to find a great solution. Try any of our Simple Stories albums and you will not be disappointed.

Simple Stories was created for just about every craft enthusiast out there. Their products have been produced for individuals who have busy lives. The creator of Simple Stories was a working mom who loved to scrapbook. She found that finding time to scrapbook with her busy schedule was almost impossible so it constantly got pushed aside. After a lot of thought, she designed a product that would make it easier for individuals to tell their stories through their scrapbooking. Simple Stories SN@P! sets, Insta Pockets and binders were designed to make scrapbooking as easy as counting to three and are seriously the way to go if you have anything going on in your life at all. You will love how easy the pages are to put together, and you will love how simple it is to place your Insta pockets into the binders themselves. All around, Simple Stories has a lot of great products.

It's important to find a binder that will fit the pocket pages that you prefer and one that will fit a lot of pages in it as well. If you pick out a binder that is smaller in width, you might regret it later down the road when you are having a hard time fitting all your scrapbook pages in it. This is why the Simple Stories binders are such a great product. They are built to fit a lot of pages and come with a variety of pocket pages to choose from. Here at CraftDirect, we have a variety of discount Simple Stories album options to choose from.

Organizing with Simple Stories

Whether you are a young child, a teenager or even an elderly adult, everyone has something in common. They all love to look at pictures. It's so fun to look through scrapbooks to learn about other people's lives. You can learn a lot about someone just by looking through their scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are a great way to write in your journal and are also great for your posterity. With a Simple Stories album, you can get organized and make it easier for your friends and loved ones to read your life's events. The binders that you will find here at CraftDirect are designed not only to make your scrapbooking easier, but they are also easy to store and easy to label. Our Simple Stories binders are unique and made with materials that are built to last.

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At CraftDirect, we take pride in the large selection of Simple Stories products that we have to offer. All of our binders are made with the customer in mind. They are all designed to fit the many Simple Stories Insta Pockets and all their other fun products. Check out our site to discover what our Simple Stories binders can do for you. carries a wide variety of scrapbooking albums to choose from.