Silhouette Starter Kits

About Silhouette Starter Kits

If you aren't familiar with Silhouette America, you need to explore this whole new world. Silhouette has made a name for itself with quality machines and projects, and here we have amazing starter kits for various project types.

Getting off on the right foot, with the right supplies is what the inexperienced Silhouette user needs, and that's what we offer here with discount Silhouette starter kits. From sketch pens to rhinestones to fabric you are sure to be able to find a Silhouette starter kit that will get you well on your way to endless crafting possibilities. Silhouette makes it easy and makes it affordable.

Browse through our starter kits or check out the various Silhouette accessories we have on sale.

Types of Silhouette Starter Kits

There are so many different Silhouette starter kits to choose from when it comes to getting your craft supplies going. All of our Silhouette Starter kits are offers you everything to get started with a particular type of craft. Below are listed some of the starter kits along with what they include and what they allow you to do. To use any of these kits a CAMEO or Portrait is needed.

  • Stamper Starter Kit - This kit includes 3 sheets of stamp material, a 6" by 7.5" cutting mat, a 3" by 4" acrylic block, a 2" by 3" acrylic block, 1 black ink pad, 10 stamp designs, and an instructional DVD. This starter kit also includes an idea/instruction that will help you get your creativity flowing. This starter kit will allow you to create your own stamps and customize any project.
  • Sketch Pen Starter Kit - This kit includes a variety of 24 colors in sketch pens. These sketch pens have been designed to fit into the blade holder of any Silhouette cutter. Not only can these sketch pens be used in the electric cutter, they can also be used to free hand any design you want to create, with this Silhouette Starter Kit
  • Rhinestone - This kit contains everything that is needed for the rhinestone project you are looking to complete. From the transfer tape to the rhinestones, with this kit you are sure to have everything you need. Rhinestones can be used to add extra flavor to a piece of clothing or hat. They can also be used for greeting cards and scrapbooking. If you are looking for some added help in creating a rhinestone design this Silhouette Rhinestone starter kit comes complete with an idea book.
  • Heat Transfer Starter Kit - Another amazing starter kit from Silhouette, this heat transfer starter kit contains everything you need to get your heat transfer inventory ready for the special project. A Silhouette machine is needed to use with this starter kit. It comes with some heat transfer material in black, teal and dark pink. This kit will allow you to complete any heat transfer project you have in mind.
  • Vinyl Starter Kit - This is perfect for anyone who loves to make their own home decor. Vinyl is easy to cut out with any Silhouette die cutting machines. This starter kit includes four colors of premium vinyl, ten feet of premium transfer paper, Silhouette hook took, Silhouette Scraper tool and an exclusive download card good for ten vinyl designs idea booklet. This kit makes it easy to get started making your own home decor. The Silhouette Vinyl starter kit is our most popular Silhouette bundle
  • Silhouette Fabric Ink Kit - With this starter kit you will be quickly screen printing your own t-shirts and other material. This kit includes, 2 oz bottle of black fabric ink, 3 feet of see-through 9" stencil vinyl, and clear transfer tape, Silhouette hook mixing tray, sea sponge, foam brush, and an exclusive download card good for 10 stencil designs idea booklet. Many other colors of fabric ink are also available!

Buy Silhouette Starter Kits Online

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