New Silhouette Products

About Our New Silhouette Products

With the arrival of new Silhouette America supplies, you can be sure that this is the best place to buy online. We carry exclusive Silhouette bundle deals with new machines, materials, tools, and accessories. Recently Silhouette had released a number of revolutionary new products, including the Mint machine, the Curio, and don't forget about the new and improved CAMEO 3 machines. Browse through this huge selection of discount craft supplies. Ship in bulk for extra savings. You can't beat our prices!

With all the new machines and improvements that Silhouette America brings to the craft table, you can create crafts in a way that did not seem possible in the past. Techniques that required more time and effort are now simplified and can be done in your own home and not in a specialty retail store.

Mint Products

This new machine is the perfect choice for crafters who love to use stamps for their projects! With the Mint system, you can create your own custom stamps using existing designs that come with the Mint Software, or start from scratch to create your own designs! Turn your images, photos, and much more into a custom stamp with this unique system. Here at, we have all the materials that you need to get the most out of your Mint machine. From different sizes of stamp kits, to many colors of ink, to the machine itself, we've got you covered. With the different colors of ink and the custom designs you create, you can make multi-colored stamps that will be sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees them!

Curio Products

Silhouette brings you the ultimate machine that is the dream of every crafter! It combines many of the different tasks that have to be done using separate machines with the convenience of only one machine. The Curio can cut your designs, letters, and anything else that you want for your projects. If you want to create crafts that have a different dimension to them the Curio can emboss, etch, and stipple, all with the change of a tool.

We have all the materials, tools, and accessories that you need to get the most out of your Curio machine. When it comes to this machine, crafting does not have to be limited to paper and cardstock only! The curio can be used with metals, different types of fabrics, and much more (just make sure you are using the correct Silhouette material to avoid damage to your machine)! Crafting has never been easier than when you use the revolutionary Silhouette Curio machine!

New Silhouette Specialty Items and Accessories

Silhouette brings you all that you need to make the crafts and custom apparel that you want. Create your own safety gear for running, working, or cycling when you use reflective heat transfer material for your clothing and other fabrics - helping you keep safe in style. Create custom t-shirts, shorts, etc. with the many different colors of Silhouette fabric ink that we offer! Turn ordinary apparel into something special that only the light of the sun can reveal - with the UV Light-Sensitive Fabric ink!

Bring your child's room to life at night with glow in the dark vinyl to create a solar system or a few stars to help them feel safe. Make your phone and other items stand out when the lights go off - with the glow in the dark sticker paper. Whatever you want or need - Silhouette tools, Silhouette material, or other Silhouette supplies - you can count on for a great deal!

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