Silhouette Vinyl

About Silhouette Vinyl

In case you don't know, Silhouette makes amazing material, and it's no exception with their Silhouette vinyl rolls. It's a synthetic plastic that has been derived from PVC and has been pulled into the crafting world and exploded with popularity. You want quality vinyl for Silhouette projects, so why not get material made for that specific purpose and save on our discount Silhouette CAMEO vinyl?

silhouette vinyl rollsThe strength and endurance of Silhouette vinyl allows it to be used in various applications such as indoor, outdoor and it can withstand high temperatures. Take advantage of the best prices online and buy Silhouette material and other accessories at

How to Use Vinyl for Silhouette Projects

Machines like the Silhouette CAMEO enable you to cut vinyl many different ways, making your favorite home decorating ideas come to life. Silhouette machines operate with the use of image files, like .SVGs. The image file tells the machine exactly how to cut the material and you can actually create your own files. One of the most common uses with vinyl for Silhouette projects is its application on walls and windows. Whether you need an inspirational phrase for the kitchen or want to post your hours of operation at the office, Silhouette vinyl rolls are a great way to go.

Tips for Usage

Either the premium or regular indoor vinyl is very easy to use with any electronic die cutting machine. Here is a quick Silhouette vinyl tutorial on how to easy it is to use.

  1. Use your machine to cut out your design.
  2. Remove all the excess vinyl (you want to remove everything but the image).
  3. Place the Silhouette transfer tape over the top of your image, this helps keep your image together, for example if you have letters it keeps them evenly spaced, and also helps when placing your vinyl on the wall (or other surface) to keep your image straight.
  4. Run your scrapper, over your image and transfer tape this helps the Silhouette Vinyl stick to the transfer paper better. Then you can carefully remove the vinyl backing.
  5. Then apply your vinyl to your clean and dry surface. When you have everything lined up you will want to use your scraper again to apply your vinyl to your surface. Then carefully peel off the transfer paper.

At CraftDirect, the Silhouette CAMEO vinyl rolls come in different colors and sizes, allowing you to get the most for your money. You can use vinyl for a large variety of projects such as home decor, scrapbooking, labeling bottles, or even to personalize your own vehicles.

Types of Silhouette Vinyl Rolls

  • Indoor Wall Vinyl is perfect for many surfaces such as windows, walls, wood, glass, scrapbook paper. This is the most commonly used type of Silhouette vinyl for home decorating. It is easily applied and removed, without leaving a residue on your wall.
  • Premium Vinyl has stronger adhesives so it will last longer on signs, or cars that are outside in the elements being exposed to the sun, wind and rain. This vinyl can also be used indoors on walls and quickly and easily removed, without leaving behind a residue.

Buy Silhouette Vinyl Online

Here at CraftDirect, we have a large variety of colors and textures of Silhouette CAMEO vinyl that is perfect for whatever your crafting project is, at everyday low prices you can purchase more than one color to create what you want.

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