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Silhouette Craft Material

At, we offer you the best in Silhouette craft material. For various types of projects, Silhouette has created invaluable solutions in terms of material. We have categorized it into five groups:

Your projects are only as good as your material, so save with on some of the best from Silhouette.

What Can I Do with Silhouette Material?

  • Vinyl - great for home decorating, or organizing around the office.
  • Heat transfer - with flocked and smooth material, Silhouette offers you options for heat transfer material.
  • Cardstock- the scrapbookers best friend is quality cardstock.
  • Sewable fabric interfacing - The Sewable Fabric Interfacing is ideal for cutting any fabric that you to cut out into intricate designs and sew onto surfaces such as cloths, quilts, and other soft surfaces. By simply ironing on the fabric interfacing to your favorite fabric and then cutting out your favorite design using your Silhouette die cutting machine, then sew or stitch your cut onto your shirt or quilt. So in little as three easy steps you have a fun new homemade craft.
  • Cotton canvas - The Silhouette Cotton canvas allows you to print your own photos or designs using the print and cut feature to create personalized fabric decorations. Then using the Silhouette fabric blade you can cut out the Silhouette Cotton Canvas and adhere it to quilts, shirts, or any other fabric or paper craft.
  • Silhouette tattoo paper - Now you can make your own personalized temporary tattoos. Using any inkjet printer you can print your photo or other image and then use your Silhouette die cutting machine to trim all the excess Silhouette Cardstock away. Then apply like any other temporary tattoo. Get idea for a kid's party, supporting your local school at the big game or just for the fun of it.
  • Sticker paper - The Silhouette sticker paper allows you to easily print anything you want and then cut it out using your Silhouette machine to create your own custom stickers, labels or when cutting small letters so you don't have to use glue to adhere them to your scrapbook, card or other paper crafting project.

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