Silhouette Blades

About Replacement Silhouette Blades

If you use a Silhouette machine, it's a certainty that at some point you will need replacement Silhouette blades. The whole point of your machine is to make your project easier by letting innovative technology do the cutting for you. If you have a dull blade, your cuts will not be precise and it could jeopardize the whole project.

If you are trying to cut with your machine and you don't have a fresh blade, it can be very difficult, or even impossible. On our site, you will be able to find the right Silhouette blade for your machine. A fresh blade keeps your Silhouette running in tip top condition, and will last for quite a long time. It's a good thing to keep on hand for anytime you need a replacement for your blade.replacement silhouette blade

You will also discover that we have a large selection of Silhouette mats. These are also essential to your Silhouette machine projects, whether you are crafting with a CAMEO 3 or a Silhouette Portrait. The mat is almost as essential as the blade because it holds your paper, fabric, vinyl, and other various materials in place while you cut and draw on it. Speaking of Silhouette CAMEO blades, there is one very common frequently asked question about how Silhouette blades are used with the various machines:

Silhouette CAMEO Blades vs Portrait Blades

Many people don't know this, but you can use your Silhouette CAMEO blade with your Portrait and vice versa. You will love the way it cuts out your pictures and designs. Replacement blades are definitely something you will want to keep in your craft closet for any emergency that may come your way. Blades dull, they break, and you don't want to deal with long interruptions that will delay your card-making and scrapbooking.

Shop for Discount Silhouette Blades Online

Save big on the best accessories for your CAMEO, Curio, or Portrait machine, including replacement Silhouette blades. Never use a dull blade again with these affordable craft supply prices. Contact a member of our friendly team if you have any trouble finding the right Silhouette accessories. Order CAMEO blades in bulk with other Silhouette America items for shipping savings.