ImpressArt Tools

About ImpressArt Tools & Accessories

The right tools will make your jewelry projects much easier and more precise, so save on ImpressArt tools at The process is simple, you use stamps to impress designs upon metal blanks that you can wear as jewelry. We offer a number of tools and accessories that will streamline your projects, including:

  • Bending Bars - use these to shape your bracelets.
  • Steel Block - this item provides the grip and surface you need to make accurate impressions.
  • Ergo-Angle Hammers - these will allow you the right amount of force to make the perfect impression.
  • Tape - Stamp Straight tape will help to ensure your stamp is placed exactly where you want it.
  • And more!

If you are struggling to find the right ImpressArt products for your project, go ahead and contact us.