ImpressArt Blanks

About ImpressArt Blanks

Creating intricate metal jewelry is a ton of fun, and ImpressArt blanks are essential to the process. Stamping blanks are the canvas for this artistic medium. All you do is take a stamp design and impress the blank with one of the various ImpressArt stamps that we offer here. The projects are simple to complete and they deliver powerful results. There are lots of different types of ImpressArt stamping blanks, including:

  • Borders - flowers, circles, squares, hearts, drops, etc.
  • Shapes - cubes, squares, ovals, rectangles, etc.
  • Impressions Kits - necklace sets that include chains and blank shapes.
  • Bracelets - blank stamping bracelets in different sizes.
  • And more!

If you cannot find the right ImpressArt supplies for your project, please contact us.