About Reactive MINC Foil & Paper

Reactive MINC foil works through a process called foil fusion, which allows you to fuse foil to the toner on paper, chipboard, etc. For the best in foil crafting, Heidi Swapp brings you the wonderful MINC system, including a variety of foil colors. We also carry delightful, themed MINC paper pads that will surely inspire your projects.

If you have a laser printer, you can make whatever phrase in whatever font you want, and then apply foil to it. Same goes for any design or shape. The possibilities are endless when you craft with Heidi Swapp MINC reactive foil. You can also use this foil with other brands of laminators, or even an iron, but a MINC machine will give you the most precise results.rolls of minc foil

Creating with MINC Foil

You need four essential components for a project to go off seamlessly: a MINC machine, a sheet of reactive foil, a design, and a transfer folder. The transfer folder is what ensures the integrity of your project. It will prevent your MINC foil from wrinkling. Here at CraftDirect, we make it easy to create with MINC reactive foil. We provide many products and accessories that are designed to make your crafting experience with MINC Foil much easier. It doesn't matter whether you are an avid scrapbooker or home decorator, there is something for everyone.

Our ridiculously low prices make it easy to pick out a couple colors that will get you far while creating with MINC. If you have questions about our MINC products or how to use them we have experts standing by who would love to help you.

Buy Heidi Swapp MINC Reactive Foil Online

You can find any color and style of MINC imaginable. You will love our low prices and quality products. Don't wait another minute to discover what MINC reactive Foil can do for your home, parties and even scrapbooking. Check out our website today to find the Heidi Swapp MINC Foil that is right for you!

Get MINC accessories to go with your new reactive MINC foil and enjoy fast shipping. We have other options for foil material, if you don't like what you found here.

How to Make Foil Designs with a MINC Machine