Marquee Love Letters

About Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters

The great thing about the Marquee Love Letter Kits is that they allow you the freedom to spell whatever message you want. A popular thing to do is spell the family name or the initials of you and your spouse. This really is the home decor solution for everyone, and you should expect nothing less from Heidi Swapp. We find that many clever decorators also use these Love Letters to spell out holiday-themed words and phrases.

The standard 8" Marquee Love Letters are individually powered 2 AAA batteries.

The little 4" Marquee Love Letters can connect to one another, powered by a Battery Pack/Remote which holds 2 AA batteries.

Decorating the kits however you see fit with the amazing Marquee Love embellishments we carry. Combine these letters with other elements from the Marquee Love collection for fun results. You can add the perfect accent to your Letter design by adding symbols and other Marquee Love kits.