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  1. Mini Lightbox by Heidi Swapp
    Mini Lightbox (White) - Heidi Swap
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About Heidi Swapp Lightbox

You will have a blast decorating your living room with Heidi Swapp Lightbox. Customize your light box to match your mood, or the theme of the day! Change the inserts whenever you want, conveniently. This home decorating solution is fun for the whole family. Find clever ways to make each other laugh and smile and put it on display for all to see. Many incorrectly refer to this collection as Marquee Love Lightbox, but it's actually not related to Marquee Love.

Types of Lightbox Supplies

Here we carry a huge selection of Heidi Swapp Lightbox supplies so that you can have the freedom to decorate however you like:heidi swapp lightbox project completed

  • Lightboxes and stands - these are the foundation for your projects. There is a regular Lightbox, Mini, a shelf, as well as some accessories like the stands and Mini Track.
  • Lightbox inserts - use word strips, alphabet packs, icons, and more to decorate your Lightbox. They can easily be inserted into the light box, and removed.
  • Ligtbox Glow - this is a special light box that uses black light technology to create fun visual effects that you can't get with a regular Heidi Swapp Lightbox.
  • Lightbox Shelf - this is a Lightbox collection that includes its own inserts with special dimensions. It is not meant for table-top decorating, but for shelf-top.
  • Mini Lightbox - decorate a mini Lightbox or add a Mini Track to your regular Lightbox and use all these fun mini inserts and backgrounds.

Heidi Swapp Lightbox Inserts

Here is more information about the different types of Lightbox inserts:

  • Lightbox backgrounds - you can insert these backgrounds into your Lightbox to match the theme of your design.
  • Lightbox word strips - these are such a great way to add delightful phrases.
  • Lightbox alphabet and icon sets - there are alphabet inserts, icons inserts, and more.
  • Lightbox shelf - this collection is perfect for room decor. It's much wider than the standard Lightbox.

More on Lightbox Glow

Released for Halloween 2017, this innovative solution will provide the perfect accent to your haunted house party. You can also use it to decorate your front window on All Hallow's Eve, or maybe you are just a hippy and you love black lights! Check out the Halloween accessory pack that includes phrases and icons that are perfect for the holiday, or try one of the various colors of alphabet packs that will interactively glow with the Lightbox black light.

If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will do our best to get you what you need.

Buy Heidi Swapp Lightbox Online

Heidi Swapp is known for making incredible home decor products, and it's no exception with these Lightbox supplies. More recently, she has released a mini Heidi Swapp lightbox and mini inserts and backgrounds to go with it. Use the alphabet inserts to create fun messaging or use the holiday icons to highlight the theme of the occasion at hand. You will love crafting with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox collection.

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